Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 36 & 37

Tuesday was relatively uneventful. Weather wasn't good enough to sunbathe and due to a late bedtime, I was too exhausted to travel far for nothing in particular. I spent the day making my new dress . It might sound like wasted time when I'm in such an awesome place, but there's only so much I can see in a short space of time when I have to ensure I'm home in time for Zoe's arrival. When she came home from school, we had a little swim, but the water has gotten colder!
I took a brief trip to Lausanne for some munchies! It was nice to get out of the house and have a little walk from Lutry. The most exciting thing to happen to me all day was that the hot guy from Zoe's judo class rode past me on his bike and gave me the m
ost smouldering smile.
Vines & the lake. Taken in Lutry

Whilst Zoe was in school, I chilled and sunbathed a tad. We had a swim when she was home for lunch, then Eta came. She gave me a hug when she left as it's the last time I'll see her. My flight is next Wednesday morning. I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I'll be home in a weeks time. I'm excited about the prospect too! I'll be making the most out of the next few days for sure! I took Zoe to judo and sat in the park whilst she was there. Cully is famous for it's Jazz festival in April and I inadvertently stumbled upon their 'classique' festival which was a nice surprise. I sat and read my book and listened to the band play Stong - "Englishman in New York" in French!
Unfortunately I struggled to enjoy it to it's full extent. On the way there, I'd gone off a kerb on the scooter and fallen face first onto the road. Grazed my hand pretty badly, so it's super painful now. Sounds like I'm being a pussy, but I don't care. It hurts like fuck!
Rizla - Makeshift plaster
There was a bbq for the kids and parents after judo, unfortunately the hot judo guys weren't in attendance. I kind of sat there with Zoe for company. All of the kids were running around, generally being children. I asked Zoe "So are these all of your friends?"
"So which ones are your friends?"
"None of them."

It's not from not wanting friends, but it seems she's really anti-social. I don't know whether she's too shy to speak to other children. She's 7 and she never goes out to play with her friends. It's so sad!
Zoe went off to play not long after though and she made a friend! I didn't want to disturb or tell her we had to go, even though it was past her 8pm bed time. I sat where all the parents were, in silence, sipping wine that I'd helped myself to. I've become accustomed to not feeling awkward in these situations now. After about 10 minutes, the judo instructor asked me "Ca va?" when he noticed my silence and I said "Je ne sais pas parlez Francais..." To which he replied "I no speak English too!" And that was the end of that! Oh how I wish I was bilingual!
I got a call off Valerie (who's away on a business trip) saying that David was worried as it was after Zoe's bed time, so I begrudgingly dragged her away from her newfound friend.
When we got home, I heard David swear for the first time when he was shouting at Zoe to get to bed.
I can't wait to go home.

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