Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 30 - Grincheux Zoe... (Grumpy Zoe...)

Zoe was being a stroppy little cow this morning. She was tired, but so was I... and getting on my bad side when I'm sleepy isn't cool... First of all she shouted at me for opening the blinds in her bedroom. Then when she was getting dressed, she started putting on jeans. "It's a bit too hot for jeans" I told her - it was boiling!
"But mummy says it's going to rain."
"Yes, but look out of the window, maybe wear something else."

She was silent throughout breakfast, then when she went to the shoe cupboard, she put on her wellies.
"They're definitely not needed!" I said.
She turned around without a word and stormed off to her mum's room. I could overhear Valerie apologising for not telling Zoe that tomorrow will be rainy, not today. She came upstairs 2 minutes later with a tear-streaked face and all of her clothes and wellies in her arms "I'm going to change."
She's just like me when I'm tired; teary and grumpy.
When I dropped her off at the bus stop, I told her to be in a  better mood by lunch!
I had a nap and a swim whilst she was in school and luckily her mood HAD changed! Eta the maths tutor was ill, so after lunch we spent 2 hours in the pool, followed by finishing off her science workbook. She was so proud, it was super cute! The other day, she had been making wild guesses at all the answers when we were doing the exercises, but this time she really understood them, it made me feel pretty proud too!
After this, we took some snacks to the park (I invented sandwich cake! Nutella and icing sugar in between 2 slices of bread - culinary genius.) Zoe played in the playground until she went to judo, whilst I read my book.
At the park in Cully
She was so tired afterwards (I'm not surprised, the last 5 minutes I caught of judo, she was dropping some guy on the floor repeatedly!) We had dinner and after Zoe went to bed, I told her parents all about Juliette's behaviour. Hopefully things will get sorted. According to Valerie, Zoe has always been quite exclusive when it comes to friends, so doesn't have a big group to turn to. Sounds much like  her father, whom I've never seen with, or heard him talk about friends.
I hoovered up all the spiders in my room before bed tonight, but there were still 4 big 'uns by the time I clambered into bed, ugh!

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