Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 21

I woke up with the intention of doing very little. My throat was a little better, but the weather was rubbish. I'd got a message off a Couchsurfer earlier in the week asking if I'd wanted to meet up today, so I thought I may as well do something with my day. Plus he looked cute from his photos, ha!
Now I never pay for the trains here, it's too easy not to. But on my way to Lausanne, I saw some conductors doing their rounds. I ended up jumping off at the next stop and luckily I didn't get caught. It's 100FR fine if you do though. I'll have to be more careful!
I met up with Sylvain in Ouchy. He's French and has come to Lausanne at the end of his travels to work and maybe settle down for a year or two. There was small Thai festival taking place on the lakeside which I found out later it was the Khon Thai festival. There were loads of Thai themed stalls, selling jewellery, general bits and bobs, Thai massage and food, which looked and smelt absolutely incredible. It took so much restraint not to spend all of my money. We got a Singha beer,
 sat down and talked for a bit. It started tipping it down with rain so we (and what felt like the rest of Lausanne) all crammed into a tent for a while and watched a band (who were average at best!)We took a walk along the lake, but the weather was lame. We ended up getting a bus to St. Francois and sat in Starbucks chatting for ages about life plans, travelling, etc. We're into similar music and the reason he got in contact in the first place was regarding a gig I'm looking to go to on Thursday (The Abyssinians) so hopefully we'll meet up again!
I was still pretty run down and ill , so I was home by 8pm. Early mornings again tomorrow!

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