Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 17 - Congé de maladie (Sick day)

Zoe was still ill when she woke up, although according to her dad, she's always "ill" when her mum is away. After speaking with her dad, we'd agreed to send Zoe back to bed. Today is only a half day at school and (as David keeps grumbling about) all the school work is being replaced by practicing for the school play. I told Zoe to call me if I was needed and sat in the garden. She woke up an hour later for something to eat, then went back to bed until lunch time. I just sat in the sun all morning and wrote postcards and letters.
I gave Zoe some plain food (weetabix and toast) so as not to upset her tummy any more. David insisted she continue her day as normal and not go back to bed. We went to the end of the garden, which leads directly onto the lake, to feed the ducks. I had to give Zoe a telling off: I'd asked her to stay with me on the jetty and wait for the ducks, but she ran off to next doors jetty. It wasn't far, or even out of my sight, but I firmly said "No Zoe, stay here with me." She kept saying "no," and ran off. I never shouted, but told her we'd go back inside if she didn't listen to my instructions. She kept interrupting me with "but normally I'm allowed there." (She often uses the term ("but normally I'm allowed..." - this generally means her mum/dad has let her do something once...) I had to try and explain that it wasn't where she was going that was the problem, but the fact that she had decided to ignore me. It took a while, but eventually she understood. I always worry I'll end up making her cry, then apologising to her so she doesn't tell on me - not that I'd be doing anything wrong by telling her off. But I managed to assert my authority, which I need to ensure I do so that she doesn't walk all over me.
We carried on feeding the ducks and she had no bad feeling towards me, it was really pleasant!
I sat in the garden again while Eta (the maths tutor) was here. After she'd left, I read a story to Zoe and left her to rest in her room, but her dad sent her down about 20 minutes later, armed with a maths workbook. We did some times tables, but she started to get teary after a while. I thought it was all a bit of an act if I'm honest, so I insisted she finish the page of work before I made dinner. Which was a disaster. Packet noodles are apparently her favourite, so to make it more substantial, I added some veg and chicken - a basic stirfry. But the whole time the meal was in front of her, she made a fuss. "But I made noodles because they're your favourite" "They're only my favourite when they're on their own..." - You really can't please everyone.... She kept "crying" (I suspected crocodile tears!) until I eventually gave up. She was crying for her dad, but I could hear he was on the phone for work, so I took her to bed, read her a story and left her to sleep.
When David was done with work, I went to a little "beach," but the view wasn't as good as it had been last night, the evening was a bit too cloudy!

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