Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 15 - Voyage à Vevey (Trip to Vevey)

Zoe had wet the bed again this morning and judging by the sheets hanging up to dry, it wasn't the first time in the last few days… It seems that she doesn't wet the bed when I look after her the evening before. Maybe the limit on drinks in the evening isn't being enforced by her parents.
But today, the sun is shining, so nothing can dampen my spirits (bad choice of phrase there…) Plus I had post this morning! A camera that my friend Alex is lending me (so I don’t have to keep stealing Zoe’s!) and a lovely little note accompanying his lucky charm: Martin the NIGHT RIDER! Which is just the sweetest thing! I'm going to take Martin around with me everywhere as a little reminder that I have lovely friends!
I got post! & Martin, my new travel partner & lucky charm!
I took the train to Vevey this afternoon, which is the opposite way to Lausanne. I've never been further than Cully that way before, but the view from the train is absolutely stunning. I’ll have to try and take a walk that way. In Vevey, I walked around the shops and got some more things to make clothes with. I soon got bored though. I don’t want to spend too much money and I didn't really have the time to explore in depth. So I went home and sat in the garden where it was absolutely blazing hot! I could see the heat rising from the floor!
I’d finished a letter to a friend at home, so Zoe drew a lovely picture for him. I bought glitter earlier too, so good luck with that Andy!…
I showed Zoe all of the things I’d gotten in Vevey and she fell in love with it all. “It’s so beautiful, I wish I could have one…” This is Zoe’s very unsubtle way of hinting that she wants something… If you pretend you don’t know that she’s hinting, eventually she will ask for whatever it is she wants. She hinted at some earrings I’d bought today, they were just a crappy multipack from Claire’s that were summery, so I gave her one for each pair. I love it when Zoe is grateful for something. She absolutely adored the piece of ribbon I’d given her with the earrings attached “Oh it’s SO beautiful, I love it, it’s absolutely amazing!!” I made a simple pasta bake for dinner and that was her reaction to that too! She’s in a good mood today. 
Sun, smiles & chocolate cake!
We danced on the balcony for ages in the sun, which was lush! Then we did some “gymnastics” on the lawn. The day ended with David and Zoe going for a swim, the water was freezing though so I took a rain check! Today has been really nice; good weather really does make a good day. 


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