Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 23 - A mi-chemin... (Halfway...)

I'm halfway through my Swiss experience. It feels like I've been here forever as in everything is habitual, but it also feels like no time at all. I have so much more to explore!
I couldn't sleep last night so I spent the morning horizontal on the sofa. By the afternoon, the sun was shining, so I moved to the garden. 
When Zoe came back for lunch, she was acting strange. I'd asked her how her morning had been and she replied with "I don't know..." In response I said "Well you must know, you've only just come back from school"
"Well I don't know."
I couldn't hear her because of the traffic, so I told her this and said we'd talk in the house.
"That's not very nice, saying I can't talk and I have to wait until I get to the house."
"That's not what I said, it's just I'm finding it difficult to hear you."

She was just being really stroppy. When we got to the house, she sat on the floor with her toys and didn't say much. I begged her to tell me what was wrong and asked her to come to the kitchen while I was cooking just to chat to me as I couldn't hear her.
"It sounds like you're speaking really quietly."

Then she went a bit mad. "I'm not talking quietly, there's nothing wrong with my voice and everyone says there is." This shocked me a bit, as I hadn't said anything which would have provoked such a reaction. She started to run upstairs, but I called her. She stopped halfway up and started crying. There was obviously something up.
"The thing is Juliette [her 'best friend'] keeps saying that I think I'm the most beautiful, but I don't." - 7 year old problems!
So it turns out this Juliette girl hasn't been very nice to Zoe, snatching things from her, forcing Zoe to play things that she doesn't want to play and general playground meanness. I reassured her that we'd get something done about it and Zoe is more than happy for her mum to talk to Juliette's mum, so hopefully the nastiness will stop.
Zoe went back to school, glad that things will be sorted out soon enough. While she was in school, I set about making a pie. And my god was it good!
Delicious pie!!

We did some swimming, it's so warm here now! About time after all of the drizzly weather. So my day has consisted of sunbathing, making/eating pie and chilling really. All in a days work.

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