Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 22

Mondays are kind of my free day as I don't have to pick up Zoe for lunch. I spent the morning doing the ironing and watching Lie to Me. I've finally finished the series and now feel a bit empty inside!
Afterwards, I went to Lausanne for a look around for some things to make clothes with. I wanted to take a look at places I'd never been to before, but I took the Metro to the end of the line (Croisettes) and it didn't look very appealing. If the weather hadn't have been so drizzly, I would have been more inclined to explore, but I ended up getting the Metro back to Riponne and leaving as soon as I'd found what I wanted. Boring I know.
Zoe's got an awful cough at the moment and is feeling a bit run down, 
so when she came home from school, we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 and I wrote some postcards.
David has gone away on another business trip, I feel quite relieved when he's not here. Not that I dislike him as such, but when he's working from home, I feel like he's breathing down my neck a bit.
At dinner, Zoe confided in me about something that's worrying her. Her friend Juliette is having a sleepover on Friday and Zoe is really looking forward to it, but of course she keeps having little "accidents" in her sleep. She's so worried,  so we were trying to think of different ways she could go about tackling the issue.
Zoe: "I know, I'll wake up in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep and put my 'pull ups' [like nappies for older children] on"
Me: "Well if you do that, why don't you wake up and go to the toilet?"
"Oh yeh... "
 she said, and pulled a sad face. The poor thing!
Drizzly day
Not a lot has happened since. The weather is really putting me off exploring further afield, but hopefully it'll clear up soon and I can do something a bit more adventurous!

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