Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 27 - Festival de la Terre (Festival of the Earth)

Continuing on from yesterday, we left the party at the top of the mountain at 6am. We started walking downwards and we could see the city of Geneva and the lake from below... and we were far away! I'd had no idea how high up we were.
This was how high up we were... we needed to get by the lake...
We were so exhausted, we were both falling asleep as we were walking, it was ridiculous. In the end, we found a spot in the sun on a grassy banking on the side of the road and took a nap.

Taking a nap!
We're not sure how long we were asleep, but we woke up around the same time and set off again. We reached the point that we were dropped off at the night before, but we still had a LONG way to go. We stuck our thumbs out to try and get a lift and it didn't take long for a really nice bloke on his way to work to pick us up! It's a damn good job as well. It took 20 minutes to drive, but the road was windy, it would've taken us HOURS to have walked. We got back to Lausanne at half 10, so the journey back had taken us 4 hours!
I got the train to Villette and fell asleep until half 4!
When I was conscious again, I met up with Rosa and some of her friends in Lausanne. We sat by the lake and although a barbecue had been planned, I got there too late. Isabel was there and we caught up. She asked me how I was doing with the family and we mainly spent the time gossiping about the parents. How we much prefer Valerie when David isn't around. Turns out that I'm not the only one who can sense David's hostility towards others. For example, David doesn't allow guests in the house. Not even friends of Valerie's. Yesterday, Valerie had a colleague around for lunch. Afterwards, she came up to my room and asked me if I wanted a cup of tea (she's never done this before) then asked if I would mind not mentioning to David that she's had a friend around. She later tried to justify with "We're always working away, so weekends are special for the family," but we both knew that she wasn't convinced by this herself.
After sitting in the park for a while, Rosa, Christelle(?) and I headed back to Lausanne centre to "Festival de la Terre." We met up with Iñaki and Marta and watched some bands play, they were pretty good. Sim's were a hip-hop/pop-rock band, then there was Hugh Coltman which was acoustic blues. It was a bit too slow for us though.
Christelle, Marta and Iñaki went home and Rosa and I went to the train station to pick up. We spent the rest of the evening getting blazed at the festival and drinking beer. We got approached by two guys which was a bit intense (more so because we were stoned) who were trying to chat us up. One was getting a bit too touchy feely with Rosa. It was quite entertaining for me because the guy that was attempting to chat me up couldn't speak English, so we had this weird conversation which was us both using what little we knew of each others language. He also kept calling me "Bat" - No one outside of Britain can pronounce the "th" sound! Eventually they left us alone. We'd started to look for a club, but thought that just sitting down and smoking in the big park that the festival was being held was best. Favourite quote of the night from Rosa: She tried to say she had an apple in her bag "I am an apple." I cried with laughter!
I caught the train home, fell asleep again, GAH! But luckily woke up in time to walk home from Cully.

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