Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 29 & 30

Yesterday was quite uneventful, so doesn't warrant it's own post! Whilst Zoe was in school, I spent the day in/next to the pool, topping up my tan. It's far too hot to do much else. The most exciting part of my day was lunch: epic pancakes. For all of those people that care about my pancake diet: Savoury; prosciutto, Gruyere cheese, tomato and (a surprise double yoke!!) egg. And sweet; apricot, grape & mango mixed with raspberry and strawberry jam.
When Zoe came home from school, we swam some more and that was it really! My bedroom is SO hot, so I had trouble sleeping.
Today went pretty much the same. I did the ironing in the morning whilst watching Freaks & Geeks. After lunch, I wanted to go to Lausanne just to get out of the house. I waited half an hour for the train, but as soon as I got on it, I came face to face with two train conductors, so swiftly turned around and 
got off. Not really up to paying a 100FR charge for the sake of 'getting out of the house.' It was way too hot anyway, so I went home and stayed in the pool until Zoe came home from school and joined me. The water was like bath water, it was so warm!
Things with Juliette in school had been bothering Zoe again today. After lunch, she'd told me that Juliette had pulled out Zoe's plaits, I can imagine her being quite upset by this as she loves it when I put plaits in her hair. A simple thing, but it's not nice! Then after school, she said that Juliette had hurt her by twisting her arm. Now I don't know if Zoe is doing anything to provoke Juliette, but I don't care! I told her that she needs to play with someone else and all she said, in her sad little voice was "But then I won't have anyone to play with. I don't have any other friends." The poor thing, I don't know what to do except tell her mum to have a word with Juliette's mum and hope that things don't get any worse. Although it might sound petty, it's still bullying. And the fact that it's getting physical (hair pulling and chinese burns) is not acceptable.
After I had 'clocked off', I took the 7 minute train journey to Lausanne, purely because I was craving chocolate and at 8pm, I think it was the closest place I could get some. When I got back, I sat on the 'beach' for a while, had a smoke and sat reading as the sun set.
By the time I'd got back to my room, it had been infested with spiders. 9 huge fuckers. I attempted to sleep in the spare room, but there were just as many in there. That, coupled with the heat saw that I didn't sleep until about 3am...

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