Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 14 - Journée de farniente (Lazy day)

Again, the weather wasn't great when I woke up, but by 2pm the sun was well and truly out! I spent a few hours in the garden, before meeting up with Rosa in Lutry. We didn’t do a lot - which is what you should do on such a sunny day! We found a “beach" (note, these beaches are just little rocky shores next to the lake) and had a smoke. How I've missed that!
Rosa & me on the "beach"
The hours were mostly spent sitting in the sun and chatting. As I mentioned yesterday, I feel bad communicating only in English, but Rosa insists it helps her. She came to my rescue when I wanted to order a waffle at a little café though! (Je voudrais une gaufre avec du chocolat s’il vous plait?) She was pissing herself at my accent! I studied French up to A Level in school, but I'm really rusty now. I can listen to a conversation fine, but as soon as it’s my turn to speak, I get all flustered and fuck up. Being an English speaker means it’s too easy not to learn other languages and I hate that!
Sunset from the balcony
Everyone was in bed by the time I got home - back to work tomorrow!

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