Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 12 - Drum & Bass!

Today was payday from my job at home. Although this meant that I could book my Boomtown ticket; it also meant a whole load of trouble with my landlady back in Aberystwyth. I owe her a fair bit of money due to a mistake with the bank. I've worked out how to pay her back, but while I'm here there’s not a lot I can do. That coupled with the awful weather again today has meant that my day hasn't been a good one. It’s mostly been spent watching films in bed… Zoe had lunch at her friend Juliette's for her birthday, so I didn't need to leave the house and brave the rain until Zoe finished school. We read a book together and then played loads of Uno (The final score = 7 wins to Zoe, 2 for me… I suck at Uno…)
On the Lausanne Couchsurfing group, a guy called Steve had mentioned a drum ‘n’ bass night in a bar called Bleu Lézard. I’d asked if I could tag along with someone because I didn't know anyone in the area. Both Steve and a girl called Rosa said that I could go along with them. After speaking with Rosa, I’d agreed to meet her in Lausanne. Turns out she  was a friend of Isabel’s when she was here, madness!
We had a beer at the house she’s staying in, then met up with Germain and Vincent, two guys that Rosa had met through Facebook/Couchsurfing. The internet is a wonderful thing! We drank outside for a bit as we’re all pretty skint, just chatting, getting to know each other. They all spoke English because I was there, which was really nice of them. 
Me & Germain
We headed to the Bleu Lézard for the drum ‘n’ bass! The guys bought us a few beers and shots which was really generous, especially as when I bought a round, it came to 24FR for 4 halves of beer. That’s just over £4 for a half! We danced loads, the music was ace! Germain left, and then there were 3. Rosa had told me that Vincent had tried to kiss her, but she wasn't having any of it. I think this is why an argument fuelled between Vincent and Davide - a guy that Rosa had known for months and started kissing later on in the night.  He must've just been jealous. It was all in French though, so I didn't really know what was going on. 
Germain, Rosa & Vincent
By this point, I was quite merry and absolutely exhausted. While leaning against a stack of tables, I fell asleep standing up…. It was time for me to go home!
I kind of guessed where the train station was, and with the help of some friendly strangers, I found my way there. I was fast asleep on the train, but luckily I woke up as  the train stopped at Lutry. As I was walking home, some guy stopped in his car and asked me if I wanted a lift - it was 6am, light, and I was alone - I kindly refused… Climbing into bed was the best feeling, and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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