Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 33 & 34 - Week-end ennuyeux (Boring weekend)

On Saturday, I awoke with no plans in mind, but completely forgetting that Rosa had no phone. It was gloriously sunny, so I took a trip to Lausanne for some new shoes - all of mine have fallen apart since being here due to the amount of walking I've done.
By the time I'd got back, Rosa had been in touch. I took a swim to cool down and headed to her and Iñaki's apartment with ice-cream. Rosa was too tired to do much. We watched Django Unchained (well... Rosa fell asleep...) which is such a good film. A quiet night was definitely on the cards though!

Sunday, I woke up late and spent the whole day chilling. I started designing a dress and watched a lot of TV. The weather was bad so I spent the day cooped up in my room, although I joined the family for dinner - Valerie's speciality of beef bourguignon, yum!

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