Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 18

Zoe was well enough to go to school this morning. After I'd dropped her off at the bus stop, I went to the "beach" while I waited for my train to take me to Lausanne. I had to get the key that I'd lost recut. I'd looked up 2 different places that I could get it done and the directions on Google had seemed simple. I still managed to get lost and go in every other direction to the one that I was supposed to. Eventually, I finally found the first shop where he told me, in French, to come back at 4. I think he said the guy who cut keys had gone for a swim(?) I have no idea... I found the other place too, but he didn't have the right type of machine for the type of key. After the wasted trip, I went and sat in the garden until lunchtime.
After Zoe had gone back to school, it got too hot for me to sit outside. As it was the first night of her school play, I decided to make her a chocolate & orange cake - I'd bought a little plastic rabbit today for it. She's a rabbit in the play and her favourite animals are rabbits!

The promise of a surprise was enough to ensure Zoe ate all of her dinner. She LOVED the cake, she was so grateful! She's so cute when she enjoys something! Plus David liked the cake too, so hoping to get on his good side, even though we still don't really converse unless necessary...
I watched the sunset on the jetty with a cup of tea, lovely!

*Racial slur from Zoe this morning. When we crossed at the zebra crossing this morning, we waved to thank the drivers.
Zoe: "I think someone who was black, and smoked and wore a hat wouldn't say thank you."
Have to find out what those skewed views are and call her up on it...

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