Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 31- Jour de tempête (Stormy day)

Zoe was chirpy this morning. She even said "I'm different to how I was yesterday," referring to how grumpy she had been yesterday morning! The rain was relentless - or so it seemed- but as we ate breakfast, we could see the clouds pass over France and across the lake. It was beautiful to see the sun over the mountains, while we watched the rain hit the windows and caught flashes of lightning. 
By the time we got to the bus stop, it was blazing again. I took a brief trip to Vevey for a wander.
After lunch, my afternoon was spent decorating some denim shorts with patches of material - I've been meaning to start making/customising clothes for a while, so I finally got down to it!
When Zoe came home from school, we went for a swim. Even though it was sunny, the clouds rolled in again and it started to rain not long after we'd evacuated the pool! And it was a huge storm too. It was awesome to watch. Forks of lightning hitting the lake and the thunder made the house tremble.
When the storm had passed & the sun started setting, it left the sky with this pink haze!

We watched Pocahontas and when Zoe went to bed, I carried on customising clothes and started watching Game of Thrones (I'm hooked already!)

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