Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 28 - Festival de la Terre (Festival of the Earth)

Last night, Rosa and I had planned to go to the yoga session at the Festival de la Terre. By the time I'd got to Rosa's and we got to the festival, it was a bit late. We explored the festival properly, during the day it was a hub of activity. There were massage stalls set up, yoga and meditation workshops, clothes stalls, food stalls, activities for the children, such as making musical instruments out of household items, origami, puppet shows. It was really cool! Everything was free too! We spent some time watching people get massages. Weird kinds of massages too. There was one masseuse who just moved around the person and did what looked like some spiritual cleansing, but never actually touched them. And another woman that used some didjeridoo type instrument to blow onto the person on the table. It was odd! Rosa and I booked ourselves in for a relaxation massage on our neck and shoulders and a 'polarity' massage. We got a pizza while we waited, it was so good! All of the food being sold was organic.
Feta & rocket, mmm!
The first massage was really relaxing. I had a lot of knots in my neck and shoulders (I get told this every time I have a massage) and the masseuse sorted them all out! We were joined by Rosa's friend Evelyne(?), we got some ice-cream! Then 
Iñaki came not long after. Rosa and I went for our polarity massage which was a bit strange. The idea of it is to encompass emotions, spirituality as well as physical pain. She asked me about any physical pain. I've always had problems in my back so I mentioned this. She explained that I was carrying other people's problems on my back and she was trying to physically and spiritually remove them. I'm a bit of a skeptic about this kind of thing, but it was relaxing nonetheless. Me and Rosa couldn't find the others, so we wandered about. We watched a small puppet show which was impressive and some juggling clowns too!
The clowns were for the children,
but we were impressed!
We finally found 
Iñaki and Evelyne - Iñaki was pissed off because he couldn't find us. I just kind of sat there while they argued. We sat on the grass and watched the live music, had a bit of a smoke, then left about an hour later. I was invited for food with Iñaki and Rosa, but I was just so tired. I had planned to do something productive when I got home, but I was asleep by half 10!

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