Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 19 - Soleil, BBQ & bières (Sun, BBQ & beers!)

School wasn't compulsory this morning because the school play is going on, so Zoe slept in a little (I didn't get the chance to though!) We fed the ducks some prawn crackers off the jetty and wrote a story about some of the ducks we'd seen (It was 3 drakes all trying to mate with one duck...) Because she'd missed school, I wanted to make sure Zoe did something productive, so we did some pages in her science workbook, she got really into it too which was great! She said "I wish I could finish the books." So I'm going to try and see how far we can get with them. This also impressed David, so a step in the direction of  being the best au-pair ever!
We attempted a picnic in the garden, but Zoe started complaining of sore eyes. She blamed the sun, but I have suspicions that she has hayfever (sneezing a lot, itchy eyes), which has fallen on deaf ears when I tried to tell David... I said to Zoe we should go inside and all she said was "But I don't want to ruin a lovely picnic in the garden" - bless her. I managed to persuade her that cake inside is more fun when you don't have itchy eyes!

Attempted picnic in the garden!
When Zoe went to school in the afternoon, I took the train to Lausanne to try and get the key cut again. Success this time! I did some food shopping and rushed back in time to get Zoe from the bus stop. (Managed to fall onto a woman on the train in the process, I was so embarrassed.)
I read Zoe a story and let her have a little rest before her show tonight, then sat in the garden. For dinner, she had chicken, beans and chips - on David's recommendation as he wants me to use up food in the cupboard before they move house. I wasn't happy with Zoe's exclaims of "This is DELICIOUS!" - I told her not to get used to unhealthy food!
I got a text off Rosa at about half 6, asking me to go along to a BBQ tonight, so I met up with her in Lausanne later in the evening. I met her housemate Iñaki and his friend Marta. We got the bus and went to find Iñaki's friends who were by the lake.  It was so busy and the atmosphere was really nice, there's a festival going on near where we were this weekend (but it's pretty expensive and we'd gotten there late.) I met all of the people at the bbq (for the life of me, I can't remember everyone's names) There was a Belgian girl, a French guy, 3 Italian brothers, a Catalonian guy and then Iñaki and Rosa who are Spanish and Marta who is also Catalonian... So there was a whole bunch of languages being spoken, it was really cool. I was a bit drunk and a bit high, so I just stood there in awe of everyone switching languages. And there was me again, the ignorant Welsh girl!
Iñaki, Marta & Rosa, drinking in the street!
We had some food and beers, then got the metro to Lausanne. We sat in the street for ages, drinking our own beers, it's so expensive to drink out here. Eventually, we went into the Bleu Lezard, where Rosa and I had gone last week. We did some dancing there, then moved onto the next place (I think it's called Jaggers) I remember shots and some dancing!
I was really tired though, having been up since 7am. At 6am I got the train home... 
Me, Rosa, Marta Iñaki & some randomer that started dancing with us...

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