Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 35

The weather was awful this morning, so my whole day was spent at home, finishing the design for my dress and watching Game of Thrones. I took a quick trip to Lausanne to get supplies too. When Zoe came home from school, we watched Mary Poppins - she's never seen it before, which I couldn't believe! It's weird watching childhood films when you're old enough to get them...
Halfway through the film, I made dinner of fish fingers and homemade chips. She tried to pull a sicky, forcing tears and saying her tummy hurt.
"Come on, I know you like fish fingers and chips," I said to her.
"Chips...? Where?"
She didn't know that chips were made from potatoes...?!
It was a struggle to get her to eat. She kept saying she was feeling sick and I could tell her tears were of the crocodile kind... I told her that she'd have to go to bed if she was feeling that ill.She said she wanted to carry on watching the film.
"Well if you're too ill to eat your dinner, you're too ill to watch a film, it's either bed now, or dinner and the film."
She ate her dinner.
After my shift, I went to the beach briefly to escape the house and have a cigarette. I came to the realisation that I'm ready to go home now.This place is beautiful  but lonely. I have Rosa and Iñaki and all of the other people that I've met, but that's on the weekends. I'm not used to spending so much time alone. It's time for me to leave now. The days are getting too repetitive and I miss my friends and family. I'm not so much home sick as people sick!
Double rainbow that I saw whilst at the beach!

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