Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 11 - Dormir tard... (Sleeping late...)

At 5.45 this morning, I had to wake up to let Valerie out of the door and lock them behind her. She's going on a business trip for a day. I attribute this to why I ignored my 7am alarm and didn't wake up until David knocked on my bedroom door: "Beth, it's 8.20!" - I'd fucked up again. Zoe is supposed to be at the bus stop by 8... We both rushed around, not really saying anything to each other. Me, out of shame, David out of thinking I'm useless, I assume. In 25 minutes, we got her up, dressed, fed and I took her to school via scooter. It's weird, everyone here uses them. Not motor scooters might I add, but the mini-scooters that were cool for kids in 2001...
After I'd picked her up and we'd had lunch, I tried to get Zoe to read a story, but she had a bit of a strop. I didn't want to pander her to her needs, because that's how she'll know she can walk all over me. But she point blank refused to read with me, so we ended up playing 'memory,' and doing some drawing before her tutor came. 
Zoe drew me this lovely ballerina!
Afterwards, we played a maths game, which her tutor had given her to play. She really enjoyed it, so it's a good educational game that I can use to keep Zoe entertained.
We scooted to judo and I finished my letter writing by the lake while I waited for her.
She was shattered by the time we got home, meaning she was quite moody. Especially when she caught me preparing vegetables for dinner. ("I don't WANT vegetables." - It took a lot of patience for me to be calm with her...) It took her absolutely ages to eat dinner, and David kept saying what a "big dinner" she was eating - I felt like I'd been overfeeding her. I kept thinking that he was going to want to "have a word with me" about the lateness, but I think all is well. I'm just going to have to try a bit harder to get the parents to like me!

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