Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 9 - Journée ensoleillée! (Sunny day!)

Zoe had an “accident” this morning; I’d been forewarned by Isabel about this, but until now I’d been lucky. I don’t feel like a big enough deal is being made considering her age (she’s 7). After some googling, I've concluded it’s not uncommon, but I feel like it should be the parents that deal with it and not me, just because I have only just come into Zoe’s life. Again, I think it may just be an issue that I've never had to address before because I've never looked after someone her age. There’s not a lot I can do about it really, other than avoid giving her drinks before bed…Zoe eats lunch at school on Mondays, so I have the whole day to myself. The weather was absolutely stunning today, so I took full advantage and finally took my planned walk to Lausanne.I’d briefly gone past a place called Ouchy (I love that when British people read this, they’ll read it as “Ouch-y,” it’s pronounced “Oosh-y.”) on Saturday which was along the lake and looked really pretty. I didn't really plan the route,  just walked along the lake. It was SUCH a beautiful walk, I had a smile on my face the whole time, saying “bonjour” to everyone I passed.
How I felt on my walk
That’s another thing I love about here. If you were to say “Hello,” to a stranger in the street in the U.K. people would think you were weird. When I arrived in Ouchy after nearly two hours, I didn't really have time to explore the town. I wasn't that bothered as the aim had been the walk there. I sat and ate my packed lunch by the lake, then caught a train back to Lutry in time to pick Zoe up from the bus stop. If I do the walk again, I think I’ll do it in reverse (Train it there and walk back) as the best views of the mountains were behind me the whole time.
I struggled to get Zoe to tidy her room, but she got fed up of me nagging and eventually relented. We had dinner and did some crafts with an old birthday presents, making some pretty fabulous outfits for dolls…
I'm sat in the garden at the moment, and it’s starting to cool down as the sun sets. Really hope the weather stays like this now! 

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