Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 10 - Oh merde... (Oh shit...)

Today started out promisingly, like it could be a sunny day. I’d planned to stay in the garden and sunbathe all afternoon! I’d been told to do the ironing, so I set up my laptop, watched loads of Lie to Me and ironed my little heart out. Unfortunately, I got into the ironing way too much. I realised at 12.17 what the time was… I'm supposed to pick Zoe up from the bus stop at 12.15. I ran as fast as I could through the house, unlocking and locking all the doors behind me which is a right pain in the arse! I got to the front gate and as I went to run, Zoe was stood right there. She’d rung the doorbell but it hasn't been working (which is why I got stranded outside for an hour and a half on Sunday). I said “Sorry,” over and over again, but Zoe kept saying it as fine; that it had happened with Isabel a few times. It was inexcusable though. The garden is enclosed by two big, heavy gates that allow access to the property. Both gates are locked at all time. The road outside of the house is also a busy, main road, so leaving Zoe to walk next to this alone is not OK. 
Her dad works from home and I could hear Zoe tell David what had happened. Uh-oh. When he came downstairs, I apologised profusely. He was less forgiving than Zoe, but understandably of course. I promised it won’t happen again.After Zoe had gone back to school, I took a walk to Lutry to pick up some postcards. I picked up a bunch of “Le Petit Prince” ones which are super cute! 
One sees clearly only with the heart.
The essential is invisible to the eye
A bit of a storm had started on the way there, but luckily it was just a bit of thunder and rain. So much for the sunbathing…
I was almost late for the bus on the way back from school too. Only by a tiny bit, so I ran to the bus stop. Zoe ran into my arms, so it looked more like a movie scene than me being a shit au-pair…
I made curry for the family - first time I've ever made curry from scratch and it was tasty! Apart from the fact that I used stewing steak, so the meat was tough. I blame the French packaging. When David asked “Oh…is this the stewing steak,” my heart sunk. Sometimes I feel like he’s quite patronising. Like I try hard, but it’s just not enough. This isn't the only instance, I'm not crying over a tough curry… It’s just sometimes the tone of his voice makes me feel so small, like he’s looking down on me. One thing that did make me smile: At the dinner table, we were talking about the cat, Plume. Zoe made a joke about her falling into the lake and having to get her out with a net. I said “Yeah, like fishing, but catting!”
Zoe: “Yes, catting! Or you could go dogging....” Not quite!
I sat downstairs with Zoe and Valerie while they watched a film, then when David came down, the parents started talking about grown-up stuff in hushed voices. Nothing about me or anything I shouldn't have been listening to - just mundane stuff about moving house. But as I wasn't involved, I felt uncomfortable so went upstairs. 

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