Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 6 - Gâteau! (Cake!)

After dropping Zoe off at the bus stop this morning, I walked to Cully again, in search of those elusive tickets. I had had a sneaking suspicion the night before that I knew where Le Kiosque was. And my suspicions were right! I’d actually been in there before looking for stamps. I’d noticed it yesterday, but there’s no sign above the door and it had been closed. I rewarded myself by sitting near the lake and writing a letter to my friend Anna. It got chilly quite soon, so I went home. Now Isabel has left, I have to move into the official au-pair bedroom. It actually feels like a downgrade! The bed is smaller and I loved the balcony in the previous room. Unfortunately, the room I was occupying was the study, so I've been banished to the attic.
Zoe and I had a super healthy lunch and after I dropped her off again, I set off to Lutry. Last time I visited, I only went in 2 shops, but I had a proper look around this time. Most of the shops are all nouvelle and arty and cool! I got myself some earrings, a notebook and a fancy pen. I need to stop spending though, it’s far from cheap here. Afterwards, I sat on the wall by the harbour and finished Anna’s letter. Needless to say, the view that I had was stunning.

By the harbour in Lutry
The walk to/from Lutry is a pleasant one and I got back in time to pick Zoe up. Valerie was home by the time we got back. I think she’d come to work from home in anticipation of David’s arrival, however there’s been problems in Heathrow and he’s stuck in London until tomorrow afternoon.I offered to cook Valerie dinner along with mine and Zoe’s, she was so grateful! She works really hard, and I can tell that she’s burnt out half the time, so I guess it was nice to have someone cook for her. She’s having a belated birthday party tomorrow and I’d planned to make her a cake, so Zoe and I set about making a marble cake. There was a lot of mess, some spoon licking and I managed to leave the cake in the oven for 50 minutes without turning it on, but it was tasty when it had finally cooked (even though it hadn't risen - baking in a foreign country is impossible.)

Zoe played on her own after dinner, while me and Valerie shared a bottle of wine and chatted. It was really nice, as I haven’t had a chance to to that until now. We finished the evening watching The Princess and the Frog by the fire. What a crazy Friday night!

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