Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 8

When I woke up in André's apartment, I checked my bag and realised I had lost my key to the house here and my iPod. David has said before that because it's a master key for all of the doors/gates to the house, it's difficult to replace, so I wasn't looking forward to telling the family. And my iPod I'm devastated about. It holds more sentimental value than anything; about 150 phone numbers were backed onto it, it had on it notes that my friends had written me years ago and of course I have nothing to listen to music on now!
André gave me directions to the bar that we went to last night, to see if anything had been handed in. Aurore and Jonathan walked me to the metro station and I went in hunt for the bar. Due to the state I was in last night, I couldn't remember what the bar looked like, so I wandered around Riponne for about 45 minutes, before asking in another bar for directions. But the effort was fruitless as nothing had been found - it was wishful thinking really. I'm convinced someone took it from my bag as I don’t usually take my bag off when I go out, no matter how drunk I am. As it was a rucksack and the key and iPod were in the front pocket, it would have been quite easy for someone to take it out.
I caught the train to Lutry and walked to the house. Although I’d texted Valerie about an hour earlier, she hadn't replied. When I got to the house and rung the doorbell, no one answered so I sat by the vineyards for about an hour and a half, waiting for them to return from wherever they were. I even phoned everyone in my phonebook at home (which is about 6 people because I have a temporary phone) in the hope that they could access my emails to get David’s number… But when my mum eventually answered and got the number for me, David didn't even pick up the phone.
Eventually I climbed over the gate and the front door was open - they’d been home the whole time! I explained to Valerie that the key had been taken from my bag and apologised profusely. I stayed in my room for a while after that, then when I came down for some food, the parents kind of cornered me. They asked me exactly what was in my bag that may give away where we live, told me to change all of my passwords so they couldn't get the address from anything off my iPod, inspected my bag to look at whether it could have fallen out. Even told me it was a bit silly of me to have just the key with no keyring attached. (I resented that a bit. The key had been given to me with no keyring - I don’t just carry keyrings around with me?!) I felt a bit on the spot really. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm completely useless when it comes to my belongings. On average, I lose about 3 phones a year at least… So I've lost plenty of keys in my time and thought nothing of it. But of course, I completely understand why they were concerned.
Zoe drew me a picture to cheer me up after losing my iPod!
I didn't do much for the rest of the day after that, I wasn't really in the mood. I Skyped my friends at home briefly which cheered me up a bit, then went to bed early. Back to early mornings again tomorrow!

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